Soffit & Fascia


The soffit or eave is the under surface of the portion of the roof that extends past the plane of the house wall.  The soffit is critical to the proper venting of the attic.  Insufficient venting can lead to overheating in the attic space and potentially reduce the life of your shingles.  To ensure proper ventilation we install a “vented” soffit panel every 3 feet as we work our way around your house.  We install vinyl, aluminum, and steel soffit.  All are maintenance free and have varying degrees of durability.


Fascia is the board that runs horizontally across the ends of the rafters forming the eave.  It is the portion of the roof on which the gutter is installed.  Fascia boards can be varying heights and thickness depending on the dimensional lumber used in construction.  Not to worry!  We custom bend aluminum coil to cover any size fascia, and yes we even wrap those interesting looking “box eaves” otherwise known as “bird boxes” at the corners of many houses.

Whatever the material or application we will make sure to get it done right the first time.  Give us a call!